Step one has begun

The has been chosen, I'll get back to this in a moment, and work has begun and boy do I mean work. Since deciding to make this change late last week, Jodi has...

Out with the old in with the Old?

So we have made the big decision to sell our current home and to buy another. We've been here for eight years now, and had some wonderful times in this house as well as in the ...

New Design, new platform

So has you may have noticed my has changed a bit. I once again I got the bug to ...

End of the season, boys golf weekend



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On the Subject of Me

I am a husband, father, dog owner, technology enthusiast with a knack for saving money through technology. I write in a personal style to connect with readers.

This site is my place on the web that I have had since about 1995 (view old versions) when I first learnt HTML. Its a place of ramblings, family, finance, politics and much more.

All thoughts, ramblings, blogs, articles, tweets and anything is strictly my point of view.

Take a look around, leave a comment or send me a note. I hope you enjoy! 

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