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Walmart Grocery Pickup Review 2017

  • Walmart

Ah, the weekly routine that is grocery shopping. The one standard, mind numbing, pack the kids up, battle crowds and lineups weekly task. It really sucks. Each week we head to the grocery store on Sunday to battle crowds and do the task that is grocery shopping. Some weeks its smooth other weeks, depending on the circumstances (kids, crowds, hung over, sick, other tings to do), its not fun. 


Save $$$ on everyday expenses 2017

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As you may have seen, saving money is a common theme on my site. To be honest, all of these things that I do, anyone can do. Most people will spend their time watching TV, working out, spending time with family and so on. If you spent a few hours a year on trying to reduce your monthly bills of common services that you need or want you could be saving hundreds each month and have more $$$ to spend on your family or yourself.