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River Oak Skating Trail

  • Hornets

Well this was a fun day. We took the morning and visited the River Oak Skating Trail in Metcalfe. It was a Ringette day organized as a fundraiser for the National Ringette tournament that is upcoming in the next month. 

I took Paige and her friend and they met up with a number of their other friends and teammates. The best thing about this place that out beats that canal is you can bring sticks, pucks and rings and skate along. They even have a few bigger areas for rinks with nets.


Walmart Grocery Pickup Review 2017

  • Walmart

Ah, the weekly routine that is grocery shopping. The one standard, mind numbing, pack the kids up, battle crowds and lineups weekly task. It really sucks. Each week we head to the grocery store on Sunday to battle crowds and do the task that is grocery shopping. Some weeks its smooth other weeks, depending on the circumstances (kids, crowds, hung over, sick, other tings to do), its not fun.