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Keep Calm Chicken Little

  • Keep Calm

The sky is falling, the sky is falling.

Woh, woh, Chicken Little. Keep Calm!

The sky is not falling, the markets may be but the sky is not but yet, everyone is reacting as if the sky were falling. Everything out there right now seems, well, a slight bit crazy. Its good to take precautions and we all should be doing that but buying stores out of TP? Really?


Smoke Free

  • Smoke Free

I took the above image two months ago. Yep, two whole, big months. I took it at the time as it was the first day I was quitting and thought it represented part of what I was doing. Quitting smoking, saving money and I was prepared with the regular nicotine replacement products to help curb the urge.

I stocked up on patches, mist spray and made sure that daily, I had a large good lunch and snacks ready.