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FIZZ Mobile

  • FIZZ Mobile

Are you looking to save some of your hard earned money that you slowly or maybe quickly toss away each month?

Each month like millions of Canadians you toss potentially hundreds of dollars away on cell phone bills. Most likely to one of the big three: Bell, Rogers or Telus. There are other options that you may of heard of but again they are most likely owned by one of the big three listed above. Public, Freedom, Chattr.


River Oak Skating Trail

  • Hornets

Well this was a fun day. We took the morning and visited the River Oak Skating Trail in Metcalfe. It was a Ringette day organized as a fundraiser for the National Ringette tournament that is upcoming in the next month. 

I took Paige and her friend and they met up with a number of their other friends and teammates. The best thing about this place that out beats that canal is you can bring sticks, pucks and rings and skate along. They even have a few bigger areas for rinks with nets.


Walmart Grocery Pickup Review 2017

  • Walmart

Ah, the weekly routine that is grocery shopping. The one standard, mind numbing, pack the kids up, battle crowds and lineups weekly task. It really sucks. Each week we head to the grocery store on Sunday to battle crowds and do the task that is grocery shopping. Some weeks its smooth other weeks, depending on the circumstances (kids, crowds, hung over, sick, other tings to do), its not fun. 


Cable and Internet Switch to vMedia - Review - 2018 Update

  • vMedia

NOTE: Internet and TV review below

Please refer and see the images attached to this article for reference to the article.

So I made the switch and break-up Rogers and decided to to give V-Media with its IPTV service a try. V-Media give many Canadians an option to break away from the big players in the internet and cable business and offering a skinny TV package starting at $17.95 offering all of your basic/major Canadian and American TV channels. 


Home Insurance - Square One Insurance

  • square one

We all need insurance for different situations, car, house, property, structures, boats, ect. You want to protect your investment and hard earned money if an unfortunate event were to happen. For the most part, you pay for the comfort of your property to be protected and never will need this help. Insurance can be costly and the insurance companies will use many different excuses as to why your fees, rates and deductibles increase each year. 


Ajusto - Desjardins Insurance

  • Ajusto

This week after seeing the news of a new app that #Desjardins #Insurance is offering, #Ajusto, I was intrigued to take a look to see what it was all about. In the #CBC news article it was identified as having some privacy concerns. Though the privacy concerns was not what caught my attention. Desjardins is offering this app to complement your car insurance plan with them to potentially give you a discount depending on how you drive based on the data the app records. This discount could be up to a 25% discount on your car insurance depending on your score that the app assigns to you.


Grand Paradise Bavaro

  • gpb

UPDATE: Go Travel South is bankrupt and only 3 days after we get back. That was close.


We decided to do a trip down south in the sun during February for our honeymoon. Jodi and I invited some friends to come along for what would turn out to be a great trip. After deciding on the week, location (punta cana) and the star rating of the trip we now just had to select a resort.

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