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Keep Calm Chicken Little

  • Keep Calm

The sky is falling, the sky is falling.

Woh, woh, Chicken Little. Keep Calm!

The sky is not falling, the markets may be but the sky is not but yet, everyone is reacting as if the sky were falling. Everything out there right now seems, well, a slight bit crazy. Its good to take precautions and we all should be doing that but buying stores out of TP? Really?


Smoke Free

  • Smoke Free

I took the above image two months ago. Yep, two whole, big months. I took it at the time as it was the first day I was quitting and thought it represented part of what I was doing. Quitting smoking, saving money and I was prepared with the regular nicotine replacement products to help curb the urge.

I stocked up on patches, mist spray and made sure that daily, I had a large good lunch and snacks ready.


FIZZ Mobile

  • FIZZ Mobile

Are you looking to save some of your hard earned money that you slowly or maybe quickly toss away each month?

Each month like millions of Canadians you toss potentially hundreds of dollars away on cell phone bills. Most likely to one of the big three: Bell, Rogers or Telus. There are other options that you may of heard of but again they are most likely owned by one of the big three listed above. Public, Freedom, Chattr.


Save $$$ on everyday expenses 2017

  • save

As you may have seen, saving money is a common theme on my site. To be honest, all of these things that I do, anyone can do. Most people will spend their time watching TV, working out, spending time with family and so on. If you spent a few hours a year on trying to reduce your monthly bills of common services that you need or want you could be saving hundreds each month and have more $$$ to spend on your family or yourself.


Go Fund Me or is it Go F&$k yourself?

  • Go fund me
  • Go fund me
  • Go fund me

I came across the above image on my FaceBook feed last night and it really hits the nail on the head. I understand that GoFundMe campaigns can be useful at times and I'm sure people are not going to like my opinion on the matter but more and more you are seeing requests for money from people for completely stupid or useless things or poor planning. And still people will continue to send money along to these people who are too dumb to plan ahead or take no responsibility for their dumb decisions.


LED's and the power to save - Part 2

  • LEDs

Last October I replaced 38 #halogen pot lights in our new house with low wattage LED's and got quite a significant decrease in hydro usage (LED's and the power to save part one) but these 38 bulbs did not even account for 50% of the bulbs in the house. Recently Save on #Energy introduced some spring coupons to be applied to different power saving items that you can replace in your house, one of these coupons were $5 off #LED #bulbs, single or multi packs. Canadian Tire had a sale that had the $5 off coupon applied at time of sale for qualifying items.


The smart home revolution

  • Smart home

A few months back I purchased a home #security system for our house, but, it was much more than just a security system. It was a whole smart system with the regular security features. The system was purchased from Cannon Security and was installed to a tee with help along the way to help me with all of the new features. Below is a list of the features and items that I added to our system and how they make our house safe, secure, and smart. 


Hydro Ottawa and I

  • hydro ottawa

This may seem like a strange post, but if you know me, Hydro Ottawa and I have not had the most trusting and agreeable relationship over the years that I have lived in Ontario.

Back in good ol' 2002 when my now wife and I packed up from Newfoundland and headed West to Ontario for work, we moved into a small one bedroom apartment. We got our utilities and perks installed (hydro, phone, cable, ect...). Then we moved into a house in 2006. Here are some of the issues/problems I have with Hydro Ottawa:

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