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Since the beginning of this, so far, 8 week lock down, our lives and routine has changed a bit. We have not been able to go out as much, missing friends and some of our favorite take out joints. Typically our Sunday's consisted of cooking a big dinner and staying home prior to all of this. Over the last few weeks we have changed up our family routine. Each Sunday we have been heading out picking up a pizza from a different Ottawa pizza joint, driving around the city eating it and playing car games with the kids. 

I owe some of the props of the pizza review to Barstool Sports and their pizza reviews prior to the quarantine and then their frozen pizza during the quarantine.

So why are we doing one and what are the requirements?

  • We're going local, mainly small mom and pop pizza shops in the Ottawa area;
  • We're going regular and gluten free. All these shops have to serve up not only regular za but a gluten free pie as well. Our youngest daughter is celiac so #1 requirement on this is a shop where she can eat from as well; and
  • A new rating on top of the normal pizza review categories, the flaccid or stiff test. Whoa, don't go all American Pie, this is a G rated review. Is the za stiff enough hold up the toppings good enough that I can drive and eat a slice or flaccid and messy making a parking lot stop necessary to eat. :-)

What are we getting?

  • 1 large regular crust with pepperoni, bacon and red onions;
  • 1 medium gluten free with half cheese and the other half, pepperoni, ham and pineapple.

Disclaimer: All reviews and review categories are based out of a maximum of 5 and the first three reviews are lacking our own photos so I'll be relying on google images to provide me with a few.

Here they are, click on the name to see the full review:

San Marino

This pie I loved and it was the first one we tried. There was something about what seemed like a bit of burnt/crispy cheese on the top and outer crust that make it stand out and stand up to the driving test.

Combined Overall Rating: 4.04
Total Price: $59.83

  Regular Gluten Free
Crust 4.5 3.5
Sauce 4 4
Stiffness 5 4
Toppings 4.5 4
Price 3 3
Overall 4.20 3.88

Phone Number:(613) 825-2885
2201 Jockvale Rd
Nepean, ON
K2J 3N1


While Toppers is not a local mom and pop shop, we wanted to try here as they do have a gluten free option and we have never tried that before here. This is a standard big chain pizza shop, it does what it needs to do. Though the gluten free option here got rated high.

Combined Overall Rating: 3.93
Total Price: $50.94

  Regular Gluten Free
Crust 3.75 4.75
Sauce 3.50 4.00
Stiffness 3.00 4.25
Toppings 4.00 4.00
Price 4.00 4.00
Overall 3.65 4.20

Phone Number:(866)-454-6644
1695 Merivale Rd
Nepean, ON
K2G 3K2


I've heard a lot about Willys and had high hopes but unfortunately that was lost quickly. While the sauce was different, a bit tangy, my wife liked it, I did not care for it. The crust was the worst to eat and drive and the toppings all fell off when trying to get a slice while the outer crust was very doughy and not fully cooked. On top of that I felt like adding a new rating category after this za for greasyness. I had to pull over and stop multiple times with this one to eat. Sorry Willys, you have failed.


Combined Overall Rating: 2.88
Total Price: $61.64

  Regular Gluten Free
Crust 2.00 3.50
Sauce 3.00 3.00
Stiffness 1.00 3.25
Toppings 4.00 4.00
Price 2.50 2.50
Overall 2.50 3.25

Phone Number: (613) 825-9444
3023 Cedarview Road
Nepean, ON
K2J 4A8


June (non vérifié)
mar 05/05/2020 - 01:21 Permalien
Makes me want to try the san marino. I love pizza and always looking gor a good one.

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