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He we are, day 1 of self distancing. I know why we are doing it, it's quite a big deal in the grand scheme of things. Lives will be taken, billions of dollars will be lost, students with a semi-missed education and so much more. 

I've had to stay home from work and do what I can in the circumstances as had my wife. These are crazy times and will call for crazy measures. But one thing I was not expecting was having two kids at home bugging each other all day and by proxy, Jodi and I as well. So while I was working away today trying to get some work and studying done, it dawned on me. Directly behind me was Jodi's green screen and lights for her photography. 

Get the kids to create a daily show and put it on YouTube. What a great activity to get them working each day to:

  • come up with an idea;
  • research the idea;
  • prepare the information and questions;
  • write and read up on what is needed;
  • practice for the recording; and
  • do the recording.

If will keep both of them involved and working on something each day, it will teach them about S.T.E.M., Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

So here we are with one day of three weeks in the books and Paige has already completed two videos. Some of her friends have seen the first two and have asked to be featured and if they could call into the show. So not only will they be learning from the creation of these shows, they will be able to keep in touch with their friends who they are surly missing while we all have this time away from friends and family.

Check out her first two episodes below and a video about S.T.E.M. if you want to know more.

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