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I took the above image two months ago. Yep, two whole, big months. I took it at the time as it was the first day I was quitting and thought it represented part of what I was doing. Quitting smoking, saving money and I was prepared with the regular nicotine replacement products to help curb the urge.

I stocked up on patches, mist spray and made sure that daily, I had a large good lunch and snacks ready.

The first week I did not use the mist much but I was applying a Step 2 patch daily and ensuring I was removing it at night as that gave me some screwed up dreams in the past when I slept with it on.

After the first week, I had very little cravings so I decided to apply one patch on that Monday and leave it on. I was prepared with a patch in the pocket at all times and the mister in the pocket. Though I went 5 days before the patch fell off of my arm and at that point I figured that there was no nicotine left in it. 

Since I figured I went five days with the same patch, which I assumed had little affect on me, I decided from here to go cold turkey but with the back up mister in my pocket for those rough, just-in-case moments where I would not want to f-up at this point. 

Guess what here I am two months later, still smoke free, feeling better, more $$$ in my pocket with zero urge to go back. If you are wanting to quit, keep trying, try different ways. You never know what will work for you. 

two months


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