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I came across the above image on my FaceBook feed last night and it really hits the nail on the head. I understand that GoFundMe campaigns can be useful at times and I'm sure people are not going to like my opinion on the matter but more and more you are seeing requests for money from people for completely stupid or useless things or poor planning. And still people will continue to send money along to these people who are too dumb to plan ahead or take no responsibility for their dumb decisions.

Here are just a few examples of the types of requests people are making on GoFundMe and are actually getting people to fund them:

  • I feel bad for anyone who loses their house due to fire but when you are requesting money from people because you didn't have house/apartment insurance I truly hope you don't have the money for it. Most times people will complain they cannot afford insurance but will continue to smoke, drink, gamble and so on but will not pay $20 - $50 a month to insure they are protected in the event of a fire happening.
  • Or in other cases where they own a pet but when it comes to the pet needing a operation or something costly done, off to GoFundMe they go. There was even one that I seen requesting money to spay a Rat, are you f&$king kidding me? A RAT?. How about if you cant afford a pet don't have a pet.
  • Every year when the family and I decide to travel, it really sucks paying thousands for us to fly. Like this year where we decided not to fly due to the expensive cost of four people flying to Newfoundland. We'll just have to save up and go next year.  But yet take a look and you'll find people asking for just this.... people to pay for their travel. (Wo is me, help me travel)
  • Victim of an internet scam. Its 2016 people not 2001. The internet is not new nor are the scams on there. If it seems too good to be true than it most likly is. Dont send money or items to people you dont know or trust. SIMPLE! (Internet Scam)
  • Oh wait, you want to quit your 9 - 5 job and travel? F&$k so do I but I have one problem..... ah yes M.O.N.E.Y. Until I win the lottery or get someother easy cash flow than I guess I wont be doing that. Some people will try though. (Don't wanna work)

So in most cases is a Go Fund Me campaign really a Go F&$k Yourself campaign since people are bumming money from you with no chance of you seeing your hard earned cash again.


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