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Are you looking to save some of your hard earned money that you slowly or maybe quickly toss away each month?

Each month like millions of Canadians you toss potentially hundreds of dollars away on cell phone bills. Most likely to one of the big three: Bell, Rogers or Telus. There are other options that you may of heard of but again they are most likely owned by one of the big three listed above. Public, Freedom, Chattr.

You may not of heard of is FIZZ but this may be because of a number of different reasons: They are fairly new, they are small or they are only available within Quebec or the Ottawa region in Ontario.

If you are in one of those locations this is a cell phone company you may want to check out. I've been with them now for nearly two years and signed up in their beta program. They are a small, online only, discount brand of Videotron. But don't take that for granted, they have big pluses that the rest do not.

When selecting a plan the first thing you must do is choose the amount of data you want per month. This could be anywhere from 0 GB up to 20GB. Not much different here from the others only the much cheaper cost and a couple of perks with the data. If you do not use all of your data one month, it rolls over to the next month. I signed up for a 6 GB plan and most months I roll over a gig or two so I never worry of running out. If I do run out though, here is the second perk, I can ask a friend on FIZZ for some data and they can send some to me. My wife ran out recently and I was able to quickly send her 2GB of my data without any charge to either of us.


Next up choose the next two options: Unlimited Texts and Unlimited Minutes. These are pretty self explanatory.

Texts and minuets

Now this is also where FIZZ shines, select a region where you would like to use your service without incurring roaming charges: Quebec, Quebec + Canada or Quebec + Canada + USA. For this I chose the latter, Quebec + Canada + USA, which means when I recently traveled to Florida for vacation, I used the service just like I would at home, using phone, text and data with no additional charges.


On top of all of this, when you sign up members you each get $25 on your second month with FIZZ. As of now, over the last two years, I have receive ~$300 from referrals add that on top of what I have been saving each month on my regular bill and I have saved about $1000. So if you are going to sign up, use my code and we'll both receive $25. Feel free to ask questions below.

With those options selected as displayed in the images above, the monthly cost was $61.00 with no additional charges no matter where I use my services in Canada and USA.


FIZZ Code: S85QY


Judy Griffiths (not verified)
Mon, 03/02/2020 - 09:04 Permalink
Third time. Am i correct in understanding this is limited to Ottawa and Quebec residents?
Adam Sooley
Mon, 03/02/2020 - 23:55 Permalink
That is correct. You need to reside in the Ottawa region or in Quebec to be able to get service from Fizz.

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