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  • Keep Calm

The sky is falling, the sky is falling.

Woh, woh, Chicken Little. Keep Calm!

The sky is not falling, the markets may be but the sky is not but yet, everyone is reacting as if the sky were falling. Everything out there right now seems, well, a slight bit crazy. Its good to take precautions and we all should be doing that but buying stores out of TP? Really?

“Professor, without knowing precisely what the danger is, would you say it’s time for our viewers to crack each other’s heads open and feast on the goo inside?”

Kent Brockman

And, no, don't do that. But there are some great lessons for some people out there: 

  1. Wash your GD hands. This cannot be stressed enough. It literally takes 20 seconds to do this and it is something that you should have been doing for years. This is not something new, its standard or at least should be standard practice. If you are unsure how long 20 seconds is, check out Wash your Lyrics. Plug in your favorite artist and song title and this site will make you a nice poster with lyrics to your song on how to wash your hands;
  2. Limit your possible exposure. This one you may have in the past few days had to cancel on your own accord some of your activities. Luckily for you now, a lot of the major sports leagues, concerts events are being cancelled for you. Now you don't need to disappoint your friend, family or who ever because it's been done for you. I'm gonna miss out on a Pearl Jam concert next week and believe me, it sucks since this is twice I have missed them now when I had tickets; 
  3. If you do feel sick, STAY HOME. Easy. Take the time to rest, sleep, drink lots of fluids and do not go out. At this point I don't think your boss will be mad, shame or dock you pay. Its starting to seem like more and more companies are telling their employees to stay home. 

The facts are that while this virus is fast spreading, it has very little major effect on most of the population. So most likely it will not affect you. You just may feel shitty for a few days. The bigger issue is that you are a carrier monkey, spreading your unwashed, filthy hand germs while trying to horde TP for no god damn good reason spreading it to many others who are not as healthy as you. 

If you want to horde anything at this time, its STOCKS. If you have them, don't panic. If you don't have any or have free cash available to invest. Now is the time! Its like Christmas day when your a 5 year rolled into winning the lottery tied up with a bow of ice cream and chocolate. This type of market do not happen too often, take advantage.

So keep calm and carry on chicken little. Keep your hands clean and all will be ok and do not think for one minuet that this guy can cure you if you do get sick.