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Wow, into week two now of the French learning (read the first post). Gotta say, its mind numbing at times but its worth it when I am seeing some progress. I have now also signed up for a night course at Algonquin College which I will be doing for 3 hours a night, twice a week.

I have to achieve a 90% + mark with LRDG to move forward in their program, at this point I am scoring a 60% but I am loving that my tutor notices that I am trying to participate more and more and has scored me top marks there. Can't learn without continuing to try and participate. 


Learning Progress


Here is a little conversation with my tutor. I had to explain my family:

Je m’appelle Adam, je viens de Port aux Basques à Terre Neuve et je suis marié, ma femme s’appelle Jodi, elle vient de St. John's à Terre neuve. Mes deux enfants s’appellent Paige et Sadie. Paige a X ans et Sadie a X ans. J’ai un frère et une soeur. Mon frère s’appelle Michael et ma soeur s’appelle Sonya. J’ai X neveux et X nièces. Un de mes neveux s’appelle Gavin, il habite avec moi, il a X ans. il est soudeur. Il vient de Paradise à Terre Neuve. Mon père a X ans et il s’appelle John. Ma mère a X ans. Elle s’appelle Elaine. Mes grands-parents sont décédés. J’ai une vingtaine de tantes et d’oncles et une soixantaine de cousins. J’ai une belle-soeur et un beau-frère. Mon beau-père a X ans et ma belle-mère a X ans.

Its not the best but I don't think its the worst either. I'll take it as progress. Oh and I removed numbers and replaced them with X's since you don't need to know that info.

Happy Tuesday all. :-) It's onward and upward from here. 


Dubya (not verified)
Wed, 03/04/2020 - 01:24 Permalink
Your participation score is impressive, but your number of cousins is off the charts! :-) Keep on TRUCKIN' man.
Adam Sooley
Wed, 03/04/2020 - 01:46 Permalink
LOL. I couldn't spend the time to try and figure out the exact amount so a guess was made.

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