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This post was made on a previous version of my site. I have manually copied as much information as I could to this site. As such, it may be missing some or all videos, images and links associated with it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Its been quite awhile since I have done a update, so I thought it might be about time for one, but this time I am going to use Blogger. Up until now I have always designed, developed, and hosted all of my sites over the years since about 1995, now since I use Google for most everything, I figured now its time to try blogger.

The summer has been going quick, and it does not seem like we have done much but wait for the little one to arrive. If you are unaware, Jodi and I are expecting our first baby in the next month or so. Its been a bit busy prepping for the arrival of a new heart beat at the Sooley house. Our little bundle of joy will be a girl and she is due on September 8 but I think Jodi at this point is hoping for her to come a bit earlier.

Mr. Nice Cream is now in its second season of providing ice cold treats delivered in Riverside South on those old time Ice Cream Bikes. This year we have three students working and providing service on three different routes in the neighborhood. Only one of the students from this year is a return worker and he also provided us with a great reference for his friend who is also working for us. Make sure you check out and keep an eye out for us in the neighborhood. We recently had the bikes at the Riverside South Canada Day festivities and donated a portion of our sales to the Riverside South Community Association.

Now on to Google. Over the past few months I have had the chance not only to visit the Googleplex in Mountain View, CA for some training for work, but I have also been using the Google Music service and got an account on Google+.

First the Googleplex; I was at the Googleplex for a total of a week and it was an eye opening experience. Google really knows how to treat its employees if it not their multitude of restaurants and cafeterias providing FREE food all day long, or their FREE laundry service, or their FREE cars and bus service to San Fran to the ability to bring your dog to work with you. It was an awesome experience that everyone should experience, but unforgivably most will not.

Now on to Google+. Google+ is a product that has launch with much fan fare. It is a social network much like Facebook right now you can sign up to get access. Google+ will over time become a a threat to Facebook. It has enhanced on some Facebook's features and has some nice new ones that Facebook does not have. One of these is the use of 'Circles', Circles allow you to place your friends in a group so you can share information with only certain or all circles, like 'Work', 'Friends' and 'Family' this way you co-workers do not need to know about family related things. Another great feature is Hangouts; Hangouts allow you to do a video chat with up to 10 people at the same time. Now you might be saying, hold on here, Skype can do this. It certainly can but in order to do it with Skype, someone must have a paid account. These are just two of the new features of Google+, with more available and many more to come. Make sure you visit to sign up for an account and visit and add me at:

Late last year I was going on in a few blog posts about have good my Thrive Chequing account was working for me from INGDieect. Well now the Thrive Chequing accounts are available to all Canadians. It offers FREE checques, with NO FEES and a high interest rate. They also give you $25 for signing up for an account if you use my Orange Key 14477247S1 and you visit Plus if you have you direct deposit payroll moved to ING, they will give you an additional $100. What other bank does that? NONE.

Let me know what you think of the use of blogger instead of my regular site for my blog, at some point I think I will move the domain name to point to here but I still have a lot of information I want to port and move over to here.

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