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I have been working in the Government of Canada for the last eight years and have been presented with challenges though the way in many different respects. I have come to know the Official Languages Act of Canada in many different manors. Be it with trying to applying for positions that I am qualified for but have not got French or be it working with Official Languages for doing web work. 

I have come to accept it that having the knowledge of only one official language (English) I am and will always be black listed for positions that I am qualified for in my own country's Government.

But I am not bitter in any way with the fact of this, because I love where I work, the position I work in and the people I work with.

What has pissed me off with this wonderful act in which the Trudeau government of the 60's implemented, is that it is reverse discrimination.

I had been volunteering all week to hand out flyers at work for an hour each morning, thought this morning would change my feelings forever in volunteering for activities at work for good.

While handing out the flyers a lady started asking why I was not greeting people in both Official Languages. She said she worked in the Official Languages Office (yes they are like the cops of the OL in each organization) and was speaking to me using a tone of voice that was very disrespectful. She was complaining that she would be receiving complaints that I was not greeting people in both of the languages. She continued on for a few minuets before I proceeded in leaving.

Now I am not saying that she said is wrong; but I am saying that:

  1. She could of spoken nicer to me;

  2. She could have gone a different route in lodging her disrespect that she was not greeted in French;

  3. Would she have acted in the same manor if I only greeted her in French? (I think not)

This has been the straw that has broken Adam's back with respect to the Official Languages Act of Canada. The government is putting up barriers and pushing the English only people of the country toward total resolve to ignore the ignorant and rude people who enforce and take it upon themselves to press the French (Quebec) cause.

You can catch more flies with honey than vinegar and you can also get more people involved with learning French within the Government by being friendly relaying the message, than being sarcastic and forceful.

This has been a slap in the face for not only me but also the organization I work for, the Government of Canada and the country has a whole.

Update: Quebec Nazi Act

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