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I was born in Carbonear, in July of 1980 and grew up during the school months in Port aux Basques, NL since my father taught at a school there. But I spent my summer months in Hearts Delight / Islington, NL. Islington was the home town of both my parents. They have now retired back there during the summer months while being a snow bird in the winter months in Florida.

I graduated high school from St. James Regional High in Port aux Basques in 1998. I will say I was an average student with not super or terrible grades.

After graduation of high school I moved to St. John’s to attend college where I was accepted. I decided to hold off since I was also on a waiting lost for another school and program. So for a year I worked and lived free to party before starting college in the following year.

Jodi and I, circa Halloween 2000 at our house.


The fall of 1999 I started college at the College of the North Atlantic (CONA) taking Programmer Analysis. This was a 3 year program with 3 work terms. I worked at NATI for the first work term in the summer of 2000, Gov. of Newfoundland for the 2nd in the winter of 2001 and finished up with the Gov. of Canada in the fall of 2001.

About a month before graduation from the college, in the spring of 2002, I was offered a position back with the Gov. of Canada. I proceeded to accept this position and moved to Ottawa, ON with my now wife, Jodi.

I have worked in different position in the Government since than from web development, to AutoCAD design, and management. I have enjoyed every day there since.

The summer of 2008 we (Jodi and I and a couple of friends) headed to Toronto to see a Blue Jays game. Little did Jodi know that I would propose to her on the Jumbo Screen at the Sky Dome. Of course she said yes.

We got married in Greely (just outside Ottawa) on September 26, 2009 in front of family and friends. It was a great party and it was nice to see so many people. Marriage has been great and we have since added another four legged creature to our house (Berlyn). (MORE INFO ABOUT THE FAMILY + SOME PICS)



This site has gone through many different versions since my first creation back in 1996. I did have the .com domain name of adamsooley but got lazy for a few years and lost it. View the Way Back Machine for versions of my site from 2000 - 2005.