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One week complete

Just over one week complete in my change of habits and lifestyle on the path to run in the Sears Great Canadian Run to End Kids Cancers. It has been a tough week and I have been making progress each and every day to get my stamina back. Each time I go for a run now it seem I am able to go further or faster to achieve another goal. I have been trying to get out at least three or four times each week to do some kind of activity, be it running, biking or hockey. It has only been just over a week and I am now noticing a difference when I play hockey on how much better I feel.

I did learn a few lessons in this first week though:

FuelBand water belt
  • Don't run just after eating. I done this on my first run and nearly got sick multiple times while running;
  • Bring water. This is a must, I didn't do this the first time and it made it a hard go, so I went out and got a FuelBand as seen to the right;
  • I need a new pair of sneakers;
  • Make sure the GPS is turned on. I lost half of one because of this;
  • Stretch before and after the run. I got leg cramps half way into a run and had to walk back because of this;

Next will be go out and get a new pair of sneakers to be using solely for running. As I write this post I just got another email for a donation to my run of $200. Thanks so far to anyone who has donated and anyone who plans on doing so, you have been a great support and your donation is going to a great cause.

After playing hockey tonight I have noticed in just over a week on how much easier hockey is and how much I am not out of breath in pain after a shift of after the game.

Remember I am doing this to raise money for kids cancer research and you can always donate. The more donations the better to keep me motivated. Read more about the run and visit the Sears Great Canadian Run to End Kids Cancers page to sponsor me! You can also view my training status at any time by viewing the training stats on the right side of this page.

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