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Sears Great Canadian Run

So I have decided to run in the Great Canadian Run this year. It is a 100KM run from Ottawa to Montebello, QC in support to end kids cancer on October 13, 2012. This is something that I have never thought of doing before, since I find it hard enough to gather energy each day to take the dog for a walk. So not only is it a great cause, hopefully it will get me off of my ass to get back in shape and not a round shape. As a participant, my goal is to raise $500.00 for local pediatric oncology research initiatives at CHEO and hopefully break that small goal.


Team Smile's for Andy is running again on behalf of a brave little boy named Andy. Andy is my neighbor and has been battling T-call ALL (leukemia) for over a year now.  He has 2.5 years left in his treatment. Every single night Andy takes chemotherapy drugs, every 3 weeks Andy takes mood altering steroids, every 3 months Andy has chemotherapy injected into his spinal cord, and every single day Andy smiles.  He is beating this disease but it is not easy.  There are many physical and psychological side effects from chemotherapy/radiation treatment that will be with Andy for the rest of his life because just having cancer is not bad enough. And yet he is a fortunate boy because many pediatric cancer patients don't continue smiling and many others don't continue living. Help us end this ugly disease. Sponsor team Smiles for Andy as we run 100km in support of all the little hero's fighting cancer

This Run will not only benefit thousands of kids that are diagnosed with cancer every year, but kids cancer research also helps adult cancers. Your dollars, your support, and all our efforts are making a world of difference for so many. Please help me change the lives of children who are fighting for theirs everyday. Your generous contribution will help me raise money for an incredibly important cause. Every dollar counts. You can donate right to my personal page here: Sponsor Me.

I have also made the pledge that that from now until the start of the race on October 13, anyone who opens a ING Direct bank account with my Orange Key (14477247S1), I will donate the $25 bonus that I receive to this cause. I have sent ING Direct an email to see if I can find out who signs up than I will donate the $25 in their name. Read more about ING Direct from my review.

You can follow along on this blog all summer long to track my progress, read more about Andy: and please remember to sponsor me. :-)

On the Subject of Me

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