Leave Christmas until after Remembrance Day

As I stated in a previous blog, My Christmas Rants, about Christmas ad's running earlier and earlier each year, again it has begun again this year. The Halloween decorations are not taken down before you start seeing items popping up in the stores and the TV ad's running. But please at least...

Hydro Ottawa and I

This may seem like a strange post, but if you know me, Hydro Ottawa and I have not had the most trusting and agreeable relationship over the years that I have lived in Ontario.

Back in good ol' 2002 when my now wife and I packed up...

Epic Journey Month 4.5

Ah, I feel like I have been...

All Systems Go... Epic Journey Month 3.5



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On the Subject of Me

I am a husband, father, dog owner, technology enthusiast with a knack for saving money through technology. I write in a personal style to connect with readers.

This site is my place on the web that I have had since about 1995 (view old versions) when I first learnt HTML. Its a place of ramblings, family, finance, politics and much more.

All thoughts, ramblings, blogs, articles, tweets and anything is strictly my point of view.

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